Gear Talk  Ernie Ball Expression Overdrive Ambient Delay effect pedals,

ͺ Ernie Ball Expression Overdrive Ambient Delay effect pedals
Ernie Ball ͡ pedal ٻẺ effect § delay overdrive

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Ernie Ball Expression Overdrive Effects Pedal Features:
Overdrive pedal with foot-variable gain levels
Drive and tone controls dial in your sound
Boost knob determines the pedal's output from unity to +6dB
Built from extremely durable aircraft aluminum
Sealed enclosure maintains the circuit's integrity

Ernie Ball Ambient Delay effect pedals Features:
Delay feedback adjustment
Delay time adjustment
Reverb level adjustment
Foot sweep heel downoriginal signal (no effect)
Foot sweep toe downambient delay level (maximum effect)
Mono in/Mono out
Tap Tempo input (for external tap tempo control; not included)
9 V in


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