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ͺ Joyo Ironman 4 nebulous (phaser) , ocho (octave) , raptor flanger , wah wah

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The JOYO Ocho is an octave pedal, as the name suggests. The controls are as simple as can be: You can control the level of both octaves with the OCT1 and OCT2 knobs and the overall volume with the LEVEL knob, thats it really. You can dive into wide and rich sound textures that make your guitar sound larger than life! And, as most of our pedals, the Ocho is also True Bypass.

The JOYO Nebulous is a classic analogue phaser that gives you just a bit more control over your phased sound than the average old school phaser: In addition to Speed, you can also control Width and Feedback. Whether you want a slight movement in your lead sound or deep and watery phase sweeps for wide cleans, this tiny little box can do it all. Since it is all analogue, we obviously made it True Bypass!

The JOYO Raptor Flanger Ironman mini Guitar Effect pedal, just like its fighter jet brother, can give you the roaring sound of a jet engine, which is what great flangers are known for, the jet-flanger sound.

The Wow-Wah is an auto-wah with a wide range of sounds. It is extremely dynamic. With its 4 controls (Sensitivity, Bias, Resonance and Decay) you have your personal sound at your fingertips. The filters dynamics will surprise you and your sound will spring to life when you engage the pedal. If you feel a bit stuck in your playing, try adding a new element to your music and give the Wow-Wah a try, you wont regret it. Of couse it has true bypass!


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