Gear Talk  ͺͿ࿤ Suhr ͧ Dual Boost Rufus Reloaded Fuzz

ͺͿ࿤ Suhr ͧ Dual Boost Rufus Reloaded Fuzz

Dual Boost Ϳ࿤§ 駤չ Drive ѧ Buffer ա
Rufus Reloaded Fuzz §ᵡ Fuzz ʹ

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Silicon Transistors
3-Band Eq
mf(x) Multi-Function Technology
FX Link
True Bypass Switching

Dual Channel Clean Boost/Buffer/Line Driver
Independent Boost and Hi-Cut Controls
Selectable Global Boost Range Switch (+10dB/+20dB)
Ultra Low Distortion, Low Noise Components Selected For Superior Signal Transparency
Internal Charge Pump - Increased Headroom and Dynamic Range
Assignable Bypass: Buffered/True Bypass


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