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Bullet DA-20T

It is a digital guitar amplifier. You can choose a variety of amplifier effects which you prefer: 1. AC CLEAN 2. CLEAN 3. OVERDRIVE 4. DISTRAION 5. CRUNCH 6. LEAD 7. RHYTHM 8. METAL。Flexible overdrive adjustment and bright tone adjustment are enough for you to find out you really want. Select 1.CHORUS 2.FLANGER 3.PASHER 4.TREMOLO 5.DELAY 6.REVERB and other modulation effects to polish your music. The drum machine has many kinds of drum patterns, you can choose any one drum pattern and use up in your performance and practice. Unique tuner feature in DA-20T is your best choice for enjoying music.

Nominal power: 15watt / 20watt
Max power:30watt / 40watt
Speaker:8 inch

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