Gear Talk  ทดสอบ แอมป์ Mesa Boogie MarkV 25 Watt

ทดสอบ แอมป์ Mesa Boogie MarkV 25 Watt
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Mesa/Boogie Mark Five: 25 Tube Amplifier Head Features:
2-channel, 10-/25-watt tube amplifier head
Gives you the same legendary preamp tone as Mesa's Mark V, Mark IV, and Mark IIC+ preamplifiers
2 channels with 6 total style modes give you an amazingly wide range of tone to explore
Built-in Cabclone speaker simulator and internal load box give you awesome direct tone
Ultra-rugged design with all-aluminum chassis
All-tube spring reverb can be applied to each channel independently
2-button footswitch (channel 1, channel 2, and EQ) and slipcover included

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