over and over  กุ้ง กิตติคุณ เชียรสงค์
คอร์ดเพลง over and over ศิลปิน กุ้ง กิตติคุณ เชียรสงค์

over and over - กุ้ง กิตติคุณ เชียรสงค์

I never dare to reach for the moon I never thought I'd know heaven so soon
I couldn't hope to say how I feel The joy in my heart no words can reveal
* Over and over I whisper your name Over and over I kiss you again
I see the light of love in your eyes Love is forever, no more good-byes

Now just a memory the tears that I cried
Now just a memory the sighs that I sighed
Dreams that I cherished all have come true All my tomorrows I give to you
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Life's summer leaves may turn into gold
The love that we share will never grow old
Here in your arms no words far away Here in your arms forever I'll stay

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